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Glad to say that I have lived, worked, a

About Me

Exploration with Purpose

I immigrated from Brazil to the United States at a young age and have been raised in several beautiful locations in this country. This instilled an appreciation for the beauty found in nature. As an adult, I have been taught not only to appreciate the aesthetics through my visual-artist's perspective, but to understand the systems within the environment that keep our lives healthy. I believe that building techniques focused on longevity should be prioritized in the building process from conception. My overall goal is to use the artistic drive developed in me to create, and the deep appreciation for the mutual dependence of people and the planet to make the built environment sustainable.

About Me: About Me


"... Should work to maintain the great creativity they showed in Formative One throughout their academic and professional career."

China Carr

Business Owner,  Rosemary Coleman Interiors, Certified Interior Designer

Rosemary Cuccerro

Owner of custom-clothing store "Sue Who?", Apparel Distributor, Salesman

Antonio Kastis

Mentor, Artist,
Art is Creation Teen Arts Program Head

Regina Wise

Manager: The Garlic Italian Grille

Todd Chapdelaine

David Waller Interiors Client

D. Hudson

David Waller Interiors client

G. Tucker

About Me: Testimonials
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